Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients

Frequently asked questions

How much will professional window cost?

We charge by the window and pane count. Head over to our pricing page for a breakdown snd calculator, which covers most homes. Or give us a call to schedule a free estimate.

What is your window cleaning process like? What to expect?

We have a routine to make sure no windows are missed.

  • We use gloves and shoe covers to protect everyone involved.
  • Begin inside.
  • Go in a full circle from starting point after asking for your preference of order.
  • Remove screens, clean tracks fully, close and lock windows.
  • Lay downdrop cloths to avoid excessive dirt and splash from getting into your home.
  • Lather up your windows and use light abbrasive materials to remove bug splatter and stubborn stains. We use fresh, specialized blades to remove any build material or paint.
  • Clean handles, knobs and frames.
  • Clean screens with our dedicated, two-sided brush and rinse tool.
  • Outside, we might use ladders or a waterfed pole, which consists of triple filtered and deionized water being fed through an extension pole with a boars hair brush attached.This ives your home a long lasting cshine as there are no soap residues left behind for dirt to cling on to.
  • When finished outside, we might ask to come back in to replace your now clean screens, depending on landscape and window models.
  • At this point we ask you to inspect our work to avoid scheduling another visit for touch ups.
  • We take payment upon completion in the form of: Venmo, Cash, Check, Debit, or Credit Card.
  • Receipt provided upon completion.

What if it rains right after I clean my windows?

Most dirt you see on windows has taken months and possibly years to build and cake on. After a thorough cleaning, most windows will remain visibly clean through a few rains and snows. We do offer a 7 day rain guarantee for those rare occasions where open fields and wind conspire against our efforts. All you have to do is let us now that the windows did not remain clean through 7 days. We will stop by for a quick redo on the outside on the windows you specify... Free of charge!

How long will a cleaning take?

For a full deep clean, which includes interior, exterior, screen and track cleaning we are looking at roughly the following times. Keep in mind that for the last half of the job, we are outside, just in case you have somewhere to be, you may lock up and we can continue outside...:

  • 1-10 windows: About 1 to 2hrs
  • 11-20 windows: About 3 to 4 hrs
  • 20-30 windows: About 5 to 6hrs.
  • 30+ windows: About 7 hrs

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