Waterfed Pole

Here at Emerald Window Cleaning Company we are continually looking for ways to invest in better and safer cleaning processes for our customers. Recently we have invested in a water purification system built specifically for cleaning your windows and/or solar panels.
After researching equipment we decided to invest in the Tucker® brand. A company that has been in business since 1957 and has pioneered this type of equipment for over 60 years now.
Here’s how it works:

We take regular tap water and filter it through our multi stage filtration system in order to produce spot free water. The pure water system removes all of the impurities and minerals from the water. This is done 100% without any chemicals. Only state of the art water filtration technology. None of the water poses any threat or concern to your property in any way.

Next, this purified water then travels through a lightweight water hose to our Tucker® telescoping pole and through a soft yet incredibly effective scrubbing brush.
These brushes are used to scrub and clean your glass, window frames, even solar panels. While scrubbing, this highly purified water is rinsing and cleaning the surface. Once the water on the surface dries, the windows are left spot free and crystal clear.


Here is what you as our customer can expect:
Upon arrival at your home/business we will begin to set up our equipment right away. You may notice us running our hoses from our vehicles and extending our telescoping poles.
We will usually begin with the upper level windows and work our way around the house/building. Once the upper windows are complete we will clean the lower windows.


Any exterior screens will be removed by hand and reinstalled after all surfaces have been cleaned.


Here are some of the incredible benefits:
Our crews are safer due to the lack of ladder usage with this new investment. (New OSHA laws have impacted window cleaners and we are working hard to be compliant)
This process is faster than traditional window cleaning with a mop and squeegee. Therefor we will be on/off your property in less time than if we had to use a ladder to access each window.
Because we are able to access the windows safely from the ground with the telescoping poles, this means we have less impact on your flower gardens and lawn. Ladders tend to be a bit obtrusive to the ground where they are positioned in comparison to just walking around the property with the telescoping poles.
Windows that stay cleaner longer. Because we do not utilize any soaps or chemicals in this process, many of our customers report the windows stay cleaner longer. This is scientifically proven not just a theory.
We hope that this information will help prepare you for our visit and that you will see our continued investment in our business and our incredible customers like yourself.

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